S-PLANE is a skilled developer of various types of control and automation systems for marine vessels. These include manned vessels with ride control or manoeuvring requirements as well as Unmanned Sea-Surface Vehicles (USVs) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) with full automation, communication and mission management requirements.

In many cases, system and subsystem designs performed for aerospace projects are leveraged to develop our marine solutions. The technology and design principles applied to aerospace solutions serve as a responsible starting point for marine applications, automatically providing the level of quality and ruggedness demanded by the stringent aerospace industry.

S-PLANE’s keen understanding of hydrodynamics, navigation and control, and the availability of our state-of-the-art automation and simulation building blocks allows us to quickly formulate solutions for marine applications and carry the most advanced automation features available to aerospace vehicles across to this rapidly growing sector of the market.

Typical S-PLANE capabilities include:

  • USV/AUV System Specification, Architecture Definition and Safety Analysis
  • USV/AUV Stability Augmentation, Control and Full Automation
  • Underwater Sensor and Communication Technologies
  • Communication Solutions for BLOS Operation
  • High and Low Speed Dynamic Stabilisation
  • Ride Quality Analysis and Control, Including Trim Angle Control and Optimisation
  • Low Speed Station-Keeping and Docking Control
  • Integration, Verification and Operational Support