S-PLANE pursues active business development within South Africa, the Middle-East, Australasia, South America, West Africa and Europe. We develop in-house products, but also engage in Shared Risk and Contracted Development business models. We combine suitable capital investment, partner expertise and requirements, and our technology base and development expertise in order to serve suitable markets. Every partnership is different, so mutually beneficial arrangements and business models require us to be flexible and innovative.

S-PLANE also has a well-established and carefully selected partner network that allows it to close the full value chain for clients, from requirements definition through to turn-key solutions and operational support. This collaborative business model allows S-PLANE to remain streamlined and focused to react quickly to ever changing technologies and market requirements, while still providing a one-stop solution for its clients. S-PLANE partners are required to conform to the same levels of quality, expertise and innovation as is expected in-house of S-PLANE.